Iqos Cleaning Liquid 50ml

45.00  AED

Iqos Cleaning Liquid 50ml

Iqos Cleaning Liquid


  • 1. Cleaning tar off
  • 2. Deodorant
  • 3. Sterilization
  • 4. Anti-rust
  • 5. Antistatic

How to Use:
* Spray the cleaning liquid 2 to 3 times to the brush exclusive for IQOS and discard the liquid after approximately 10 to 20 seconds.
* Make sure to insert the brush into the IQOS stick body from the bottom part and clean up the dirt. (Do not insert the brush from the top part.)
* Wipe the inside of the stick with a cotton swab. Turn on the switch of the stick and leave it for about one minute to dry the inside. ※Never spray the cleaning liquid directly to the inside of the stick. (It may cause the failure.)
* If there remains stiff dirt, spray the liquid to a cotton swab and clean the stick further.

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