Sour Apple By Vudu 5% Disposible 2500 Puffs

Sour Apple By Vudu 2500 Puffs 5%

  • Flavor Profile: Sour apple
  • Disposable Pod System.
  • 3 pcs Soft Mouthpiece.
  • Nicotine Strength: 50MG.
  • Tank capacity: 6.5 ml.
  • Life Cycle: Approximately 2,500 puffs.
  • Pack of 1 device.

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Sour Apple By Vudu 5% Disposible 2500 Puffs

Sour Apple By Vudu

VUDU Filter Disposable 2500 Puffs Features:

  • Disposable Pod System
  • 3 pcs Soft Mouthpiece
  • Nicotine Strength: 50MG
  • Tank capacity: 6.5 ml
  • Life Cycle: Approximately 2,500 puffs
  • Pack of 1 device

VUDU Filter Disposable 2500 Puffs Available Flavour:

1. Blue Raspberry: Blue Raspberry 2500 puffs by Vudu is crafted with a masterful blend of blueberry, raspberry, and sweet & tart candy flavors.

2. Vanilla Caramel Tobacco: Vanilla Caramel Tobacco 2500 puffs by Vudu is a tobacco blend with undertones of vanilla and caramel for a sweet and subtle flavor.

3. Watermelon Ice: Watermelon Ice 2500 puffs by Vudu is a blend that offers a sugary mouthful of watermelon flavor and a refreshingly icy cool finisher.

4. Grape Ice: Grape Ice 2500 puffs by Vudu is a refreshing classic combination to give a fruity & mouth-watering effect to your smoking.

5. Mango Ice: Mango Ice 2500 by Vudu is a honey mango and crushed ice for a tropical paradise.
6. Strawberry Watermelon: Strawberry Watermelon 2500 puffs by Vudu is an iconic fusion of watermelon, honey melon, and cantaloupe bound together over crushed ice.
7. Energy Drink: Energy Drink by Vudu 2500 puffs is a strong and sweet fruity taste of Red Bull. Vape it, you can imbibe the energizing taste and feel of stimulation.⁣
8. Sour Apple: Sour Apple 2500 puffs by is combined sweet apple with a punchy, sour finish.
9. Strawberry Bubble Gum: Strawberry Bubble Gum 2500 puffs is A sweet strawberry bubblegum Flavor that you remember from your old days.
10. Cool Mint: An Arctic-inspired creation, blending chilled fresh mint into a powerful nicotine salt infusion.

11. Strawberry Mango: Mango accessories its profile with a hint of strawberry that will be leaving you wanting more.

12. Black Mamba:  featuring a blend of citrus and juicy blackberry and raspberry with a slight touch of ice that will tantalize your taste buds and make it perfect for vaping.

13. Purple Rain: Purple Rain is an irresistible fruit slush of an e-liquid with a delicious balance of tangy raspberries and sweet blueberries and a subtle hint of lemon.

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